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What We Do

Several volunteers within our community provide church services, bible studies, and personal visits upon request. In addition to experiencing legal uncertainty, many inmates are also experiencing varying degrees of loss, guilt and shame, and personal and social division. With this in mind, we remind everyone of the love of Christ and the plan and purpose he has for us all. Within these efforts, we provide…

Bible Studies

Upon request, various versions of bible are individually delivered to every inmate and oftentimes personally dedicated and dated as inmates oftentimes do not possess any personal possessions. We understand that many of our inmates are either heading home to be reunited with their families and friends, or they are headed toward long-term incarceration. Either way, we dutifully strive to insure these individuals are leaving our facility differently than the way they entered, having experienced the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ.

Reading Glasses

Our ministry understands that many of our inmates may have limited resources. Subsequently, our ministry provides reading glasses to qualifying inmates in order to insure that they are able to read their bibles, as well as distributed spiritual reading resources, such as Our Daily Bread and encouraging reading tracts provided by our volunteers.

Prayer / Visit Requests

Upon bible distribution, every inmate is encouraged request 1×1 prayer visits as many inmates are experiencing a great deal of loss and uncertainty. Our volunteers take the time to visit every inmate who requests prayer and lovingly journey with them as we are best able.

Inmates are also encouraged to attend pod bible studies in order to form spiritually positive relationships with others who have a heart to share the hope of Christ. Inmates are also encouraged to reach out regarding topical or social issues in order to greater understand perspectives from the bible. Inmates may also seek to understand verse clarification as we strive to help inmates greater understand the Word of God.

Along with bible distribution, many of our inmates may not possess the resources to obtain reading glasses. Qualifying inmates are given a free pair of reading glasses in order to further explore reading alternatives.

Library Access

Our ministry areas within the jail also has an array of books donated by churches and organizations within our community. These books include the works of several renowned national pastors and authors. Our library also includes several popular reading series, such as “Chicken Soup,” the “Left Behind” series, as well as notable conservative authors such as Janette Oak. 

History & Practice

Since its beginnings in the Spring of 2014, officially incorporating August of that year, the Mesa County Jail Ministry (MCJM) has been blessed mightily by God. Many have recognized this mission field in the middle of Grand Junction. We are a truly local ministry supported by the community.

The Mesa County Detention Facility (MCDF) and the Mesa County Jail Ministry operate under a Memorandum of Understanding to maintain and support the position of Chaplain in the Jail. 

Most every day over 500 inmates populate the Mesa County Jail. When an Inmate comes to faith that not only effects them but their family and friends as well. Entering the confines of the jail you find a culture foreign to the day to day outside. Inmates, male and female, range in age from 18 years to over 70 years. Working inside the facility are the Deputies and Jail staff that look after Inmate safety and manage the day to day routine. This difficult work is carried off day in and day out with commendable professionalism and care.

Our volunteers are a dedicated lot who are committed to expressing and sharing love and instruction to each inmate. Our Chaplain oversees and leads the volunteers in their efforts.

Interested in Supporting us?

There are many ways to support the ministry and the inmates at the Mesa County Detention center. Either through prayer, volunteering or donating we would love to have you!